Rose Cemetery Readings
Bath Township, Clinton Co., MI

     The cemetery is located on Upton Road just north of Stoll Road and borders on the Rose Lake Wildlife Research Area.  The Rose Cemetery is active and well maintained.
     Sections are clearly marked with signs.  From north to south the sections are AA, A1, A2, B1, B2, Alphabet, C1, and C2.  There is also a new unlabeled section to the east.  The Alphabet section is very narrow as it used to be a road before the cemetery was expanded to the south.
     Five victims of the Bath School Disaster are in Section C1 of this cemetery.
     Cemetery records are held by the Bath Township clerk and contain information on unmarked graves along with lot ownership.


                Can't read = used 1941 reading                                           d. = date of death
                flag = military flagholder                                                       a = age at death
                nee = maiden name                                                              OES = Order of Eastern Star
                aka = also known as                                                            GAR = Civil War Vet
                WRC = Women's Relief Corps


Readings: (All in PDF format)

Section AA (Lots 1-198)

Section A1 (Lots 1-105)

Section A2 (Lots 6-110)

Section B1 (Lots 1-186)

Section B2 (Lots 7-192)

Section Alphabet (Lots A-K)

Section C1 (Lots 1-125)

Section C2 (Lots 127-209)

Section East


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