North Eagle Cemetery

Section 9, Eagle Township

Clinton County, Michigan



The North Eagle Cemetery was originally known as the Simmons Cemetery.The first burial was Joshua Simmons in 1840 on his sonís, David Simmons, land.The cemetery is currently owned and operated by the North Eagle Cemetery Association.

This active, well maintained cemetery is composed of six sections: south, center, north, northeast, east, and southeast.The oldest section of the cemetery is in the northern part of the center section and southern part of the north section.When the 1938 reading was done of this cemetery there were three sections with 15 rows in each section.The cemetery has doubled in size since then.

Readings are from north to south and front to back.Lot numbering, while helpful in locating graves, is not the one used by the cemetery.My numbering system is: SectionRow-Lot.For example: C10-5 means center section, row 10, 5th lot from the north side of the section.



CR means marker canít be read; data is from the 1938 reading

††††††††††† Empty means no marker in that lot Ė it does not mean no burials.



Cemetery Map:


††††††††††† Map (pdf format)



Cemetery Readings: (April-August 2003)


North Section (pdf format)


Center Section (pdf format)


South Section (pdf format)


East Sections (pdf format)



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